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Mets manager, Terry Collins was released from the Milwaukee Hospital on Monday and was cleared to fly back home to New York.  All tests were taken for the symptoms he was experiencing, and results came back negative.  Collins was able to return to the dugout tonight as the Mets took on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Not only was Collins and his team glad he returned healthy, but happy for the healthy win too!  Final score 11-2, Mets.


The NY Mets were preparing for their game against the Milwaukee Brewers this morning, and suddenly 30 minutes before game time Terry Collins began to feel ill.  Collins was alert but was taken to the Milwaukee hospital to undergo multiple tests. Currently no other details at this time.  Dick Scott will manage the team in place of Collins’.


Lagares has a partially torn ligament in his left thumb.  He will continue to play through once the swelling subsides.  No reports on him being put on the disabled list, as most players have played through an injury like this one.


Reports have stated that center fielder Juan Lagares did in fact sprain his left thumb during yesterday’s game when he made that diving catch to help the Mets get a win against the Marlins.  Doctors will re-evaluate the injury tomorrow before the Mets travel to Pittsburgh to face the Pirates for a three game series.



The NY Mets traveled to Miami to start there 3 game series against the Marlins on Friday, June 3rd.  In the second game on Saturday, Lagares made some game changing plays to help give the Mets the win.

Jaun Lagares first made a huge diving catch to put a finish to the sixth inning, which forced two outs, then hit a single base hit and stole second in the seventh inning.

While Lagares made that diving catch, replays showed how he might have hurt his hand by the way he landed.  Reports stated he did injure his thumb on the fall, and left the game in the 8th inning.  Lagares was experiencing numbness, not so much pain, but wasn’t able to fully grip the bat.  More details to come.

Lagares’ Catch


1986 mets

The year 1986 was spray painted onto the Mets field in honor of the 30 year anniversary of their 1986 World Series Championship before Saturday nights game against the LA Dodgers.  Former players of the team were honored prior to the game in a 40 minute ceremony. Families, coaches, and executives all joined in celebrating history.

A bigger than normal replica of the World Series trophy was placed in front of the center field fence. Not only were players recognized, but highlight videos were shown to the crowd on the scoreboard.

Fan’s enjoyed watching Jesse Orosco reenact the final out from the 1986 World Series against the Red Sox by throwing his glove into the air after he threw the first ceremonial pitch.

Despite the 9-1 loss to the Dodgers that night, the fond memories live on..



Professional athletes work hard everyday to earn there spot in the game.  They train, study, and challenge themselves to get better and stronger each day.  I would say one of the biggest fears as an athlete would be an injury.  The last thing you want after all the hard work you have put in is to lose one of your greatest teammates.

Well, NY Mets first baseman Lucas Duda is suffering from a stress fracture in his back.  Unfortunately, there always seems to come a time when someone is dealing with an injury.  Reports stated that Duda has been placed on the disabled list.  He is expected to miss a month of baseball at the minimum.   Mets manager, Terry Collins estimated for Duda to be out about 4-6 weeks.  No word on who will fill his shoes, but some names were mentioned, such as Michael Conforto, Kevin Plawecki, and David Wright.

Collins stated, “He’s a huge piece of our team. This guy is a legitimate big bat in the middle of our lineup, so somebody has to step up and pick up some of that load. We don’t have the kind of a guy that is going to hit 25-30 (home runs) but we got to space it out among everybody else.” (SNY.COM)

Prayers to Duda, and hopes for the Mets to fill his shoes.  Till next time…..


Collins Argue

One poor decision, or one inaccurate call can change the direction of a game.  So it did for the NY Mets team and general manager Terry Collins during the 5th inning of last night’s game when they faced the Rockies.

Mets pitcher, Logan Verrett thought he had made one of the best pitches against Tony Wolters – thinking he struck him out while the bases were loaded.  Meanwhile the umpire called a foul tip and Collins came running out to argue the decision.

It was apparent to Verrett and Collins that it was a strike – but not for umpire Carlos Torres.  This call was crucial, and it cost the game for the Mets.  Terry Collins was ejected from the game for arguing with the umpire and Colorado was able to capitalize on the call scoring 4 runs, and win the game 7-4.

If this was called as it looked, a strike, the Mets could have taken this game home

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